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On August 8th 2016 the FDA’s deeming regulations took effect classifying all vapor products as tobacco.  This new classification will result in 99.99% of vapor products being banned by August 2018. These bans are scheduled to occur because of something known as the ‘predicate date’ — February 15, 2007. Under the FDA’s rule, any vapor product that has come to market since that date (i.e., every product on the market today) must retroactively undergo a potentially multi-million dollar pre-market approval process if they wish to have a hope of staying on the market past August 2018. 

There are two pieces of legislation in Congress that could effectively change the predicate date.  Both the Cole-Bishop Amendment and HR 2058 contain language that would change the predicate date from February 15th 2007 to the effective date of the deeming regulations, August 8th 2016.  If Congress does not act to change the predicate dates established by the Tobacco Control Act, the vast majority of vapor products that adult smokers have come to rely on will be taken off the market.

Gregory Conley, president of the American Vaping Association (AVA), has been hard at work traveling across the country testifying before state legislatures, city councils, and other bodies and organizing businesses to meet with their representatives.  He regularly speaks at vaping events both in the U.S. and overseas on vape advocacy. Conley is also among the most quoted figures in vaping in the U.S. news media. In May 2016, Gregory Conley launched the Truth About Vaping Tour, a six-city, six-day speaking tour of Mississippi that generated media coverage across the state.

We need to increase awareness of the fight for the future of vaping.  It is absolutely critical that we act to engage more people in this battle. As part of that action, we need to support people like Gregory Conley and organizations like the AVA that are working hard everyday for this industry and this movement.   

The Right to be Smoke-Free Coalition (R2Bsmokefree) is one of these organizations. This coalition is an industry-led trade association of e-vapor businesses that advocate for reasonable and responsible laws and regulations. The coalition works with expert legal counsel to develop comprehensive litigation strategies to challenge unlawful Federal and State Laws and Regulations.

It’s time to come together, support each other, and fight like we’ve never fought before. Every single penny* that is contributed will go directly to the American Vaping Association. To learn more about what this organization does, please visit www.vaping.org

Right to Vape Campaign Benefiting AVA and R2BSF - Organized by Rip Trippers!