vapeOholic is a US based vaping community est. 2009 and founded by “Los Angeles Vaperboyz” back 2011 (a recreational vaping community)

vapeOholic Fluids – is the first ever e-cig juice company that customize fluids according to your build, set-up and/or vapers preference.  Fluids personally handcrafted to a unique blend providing a wide range of choices which creates a different kind of vaping experience.

Our Mission

  • To help someone quit “40 percent of smokers (analog user) who quit say that support from others mattered a lot in their success”.
  • To support individual goals like to share and learn from experiences related to vaping as a recreational smoking alternative.
  • To introduce the newest premium electronic cigarettes and accessories.

Our goal

  • Help smokers to quit the habit of smoking by using PV – Personal Vaporizer (Electronic Cigarette)
  • Share, support and discuss experiences related to vaping.
  •  Suggest and learn about the latest e-juices / e-liquids on their favorite flavors and users feedback.
  •  Learn and recommend products about the latest e-cigarettes/personal vaporizers their performance, modifications, and maintenance.

we are advocates